Sunday, 7 August 2011

Back With a Bang: Ms Dynamite 'Neva Soft'

Back in 2001, having just finished university and working in a job I didn't really care for, I spent many a brilliant night in Tooting with some of my best friends, smoking badly rolled joints and listening to Ms Dynamite.

In fact, make that every Friday night for a good few months. We loved Ms Dynamite's album 'A Little Deeper' so much it was often played on repeat for hours on end. Ms Dynamite was new (well to us anyway), fresh and we loved her message. And we weren't the only ones. Mobo awards and the coveted Mercury Music prize all found their way into Ms Dynamite's hands and for a while she was the hottest thing in the British music scene.

Fast forward a few years and after taking a break to have a baby, Ms Dynamite followed up her debut album with the 2005 'Judgement Days. I didn't love this one nearly as much - it didn't have the same impact as 'A Little Deeper' and I wondered if she had lost her way.

Then came the wilderness years. Ms Dynamite went to live under a rock (well in musical terms anyway) and it wasn't until her recent collaboration with Katie B on the brilliant 'Lights On' that I even remembered she existed.

Now she is back though, with a solo single and a new album on it's way. Her new single 'Neva Soft' was produced by Labrynth and is a brilliant drum'n'base-come-dub-step-come-reggae-come-soul extravaganza with an infectious beat. I love her voice on the bits where she sings, in fact I love it all. It's a get up on your feet and shake-it kind of song. She is back and I can't wait to hear the album.

What do you think?

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