Monday, 27 July 2009

Paolo Troilo's Handy Works of Art

I came across an amazingly fabulous artist at the Mondo art Gallery, whilst in Postino, Italy last week (more about Positano later - a beautiful place by the way).

The artist is Paolo Troilo and some of his works are shown below. The paintings are all in the image of the artist himself and he paints using his hands - I loved the rawness of this and found his paintings really powerful, especially the way he appears to be fighting or struggling with himself. The images look violent and masculine, almost erotic even and I found look looking at his work quite emotional, not something that always happens to me.

I was too scared to ask for the price of his work at the gallery and at the moment I am still dreaming that I will one day be able to buy one! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for any exhibitions of his work in London.

Update: I am so in love with Paolo's work that I had to feature him again on my new blog Mr Musing where you can see more of his work and a video of him painting.

What do you think?


Alternative Perspective said...

So he uses his hands and not a brush to paint?
Wow...great paintings and I agree with you,the paintings do have an erotic air to them.
Raw emotions and sexuality amplify and compliment each other so the emotions depicted in the paintings will mirror sexuality as well.

Anonymous said...

I saw some paintings of him in a Gallery in San Gemignano ( Italy ), the prices are 3900 euro minimum, but I think it will be higher soon, he's really talented

Mert ( Turkey )

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