Saturday, 27 August 2011

Who's Hotter: Rihanna or Beyonce?

Rihanna and Beyonce are two of the sexiest women on the planet. Well in my opinion anyway. If there were ever any women that could turn me, these two would be high-up on a very short list.

With both women recently releasing new videos - Beyonce with '1+1' and Rihanna with 'Cheers' - where they pretty much appear on their own, meaning we get to see lots of them, it got me thinking; just who is hotter - Rihanna or Beyonce?

If I was to post this on Youtube there would be floods of comments praising one over the other and there would probably be a very heated debate. The comments on Youtube really are something else - pure vitriol sometimes. My blog isn't Youtube though and I don't think with the number of people who actually read it that I am at risk of starting a Rihanna v Beyonce war!

So let take a look at each of them in turn...


The beautiful Barbadian has had a multitude of hairstyles and colours but always manages to look great. Rihanna might look petite but she stands at 5' 8" even without heels. With them she is amazonian! And those legs, and eyes and lips. Is there actually anything at all wrong with her?

She certainly knows how to work it in her videos too - I absolutely loved her in Rude Boy. Heaven. In fact in all of her videos she is just seriously stunning. And did I mention those legs, eyes and lips?


With flowing locks reported to cost ten's of thousand's of dollars, I don't think I have ever seen Beyonce having a bad hair day. Or a bad anything day. Admittedly I haven't seen her staggering out of bed with a hang-over, gasping for a glass of water; but even then I'm sure she does it in full make-up and heels.

Beyonce is pretty much a goddess. She may be a few years older than her rival (well rival in this instance anyway) but she certainly wears those extra years well. Even when she's got mascara running down her face - a la 'Why Don't You Love Me' she looks just stunning.

The Verdict
Well, I should say It's my verdict rather than the verdict. I'll let you guys let me know what you think. For me though, it's just got to be Rihanna

There is just something about her that makes me think she would be so much more fun to hang out with and for me that makes her hotter. Also those moves she pulls out when she shows off her Bajan side are just too too hot!!!

So let me know what you think - take my poll below - or leave a comment!

Who's Hotest: Beyonce v Rihanna

What do you think?


Mr Musing said...

So far then you think that Beyonce is hotter than Rihanna. What is it that you prefer?

Anonymous said...

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Mr Musing said...

Thanks Anonymous, it seemed to have slipped off so have added it again.

Mr Musing said...

Rihanna V Beyonce - it's neck and neck so far! Don't forget to leave your vote!

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