Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wash Your Pits You Mingers (Personal Hygiene and Public Transport)

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I am generally quite a laid back person and it takes a lot to get me really angry but today on the train home I ended up sat next to what has got to be the stinkiest person I have ever had the misfortune of being in close proximity to. 

I know it's hot - well actually it's not that bloody hot - but seriously, there is absolutely no need to reek so badly. It was toxic!

I just don't get it, the guy in question looked quite smartly dressed and appeared fairly well groomed, his hair was neatly cut and he was clean shaven, so he obviously wasn't homeless. If he could take the time to shave, he could have squeezed a few more minutes into his routine to have a shower. Because he obviously didn't. Is it asking too much?

I know some people have a propensity to sweat but generally it is a 'clean' kind of sweat. However, this was stale. The guy is obviously single. I refuse to believe that anyone smelling that bad could even get a date, let alone keep hold of a partner. It got me thinking though, why doesn't someone say something? A family member, a work colleague?

I am not one for confrontation, I may be a mouthy git to people I know but I turn into a timid mouse when I don't know the person, so I didn't dream of saying anything to him. However, the fact I had my hand cupped over my mouth so tightly, relaxing it only when absolutely necessary so that I could take small gasps of air was surely a give-away. I wasn't doing it that discreetly. But he was oblivous to it all, merrily sitting there reading his paper, all the while filling the air with his rank stench.

People - it is bad enought having to squeeze ourselves onto over-priced, over-full carriages night after night, without the added displeasure of smelling a crusty pit. So please wash your pits you mingers. 

Rant over.

Would any of you say something, to a total stranger sitting on a train, or would you just keep quiet, say nothing and suffer in silence?

What do you think?


Christina Lucas said...

Lol! That is the WORST thing about a metro or subway...getting stuck next to stinky people and having no escape!!!

dirtycowgirl said...

It's odd but often it is people with the most outwardly neat appearance that seem to have this problem.

I think they are so used to smelling like it that they don't notice. Kinda like people with dogs don't notice the doggy smell in their houses.

But if I was sat there first and someone stinky sat next to me I would've said something. Have done a few times in fact.

Mr Musing said...

Oh I can just imagine Dirtycowgirl - do you tend to go for the 'I am really sorry but do you realise that you are a bit whiffy' or the 'get away from me you stinking freak' approach?

Christina - that's the worst part particuarly when the train is packed you just can't get up and walk away!!

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