Monday, 10 August 2009

Selfridges Opens Christmas Shop in August!

It's August (in case you didn't know) and many people will be looking forward to, or just coming back from, a well earned summer holiday - jetting off to somewhere warm and tropical and lazing around on the beach.

I have already had my holiday abroad and boy am I glad I did, because the 'barbeque summer' that the British weather forecasters promised us did not materialise. But anyway I digress...

It might seem like a long way away (136 days to be precise) but Selfridges in London has just opened its Christmas store! In August!

Is it me or does Christmas seem to come around earlier with each passing year? If it carries on like this we will be shopping for Christmas 2011 in July 2010; it's ridiculous! It takes all the fun out of the 'festive season' because the season lasts nearly HALF THE YEAR - there is nothing to get excited about. I personally will refuse to go into any Christmas shop until at least the 1st December.

Selfridges say that they are making the most of the low Pound and the fact that there are lots of tourists here in the UK this summer. Now I am all for boosting our economy, especially during the credit crunch and maybe it's just me; but surely the last thing on people's minds when visiting another city in the middle of summer is purchasing Christmas decorations? 

What about our theatres, bars, parks, restaurants, galleries and museums. London has so much more to offer than traipsing around Selfridges (as much as I do love it) for purple articificial Christmas trees.

Anyway rant over, I am off to paint my Easter Eggs.
What do you think?


Christian Books said...

Great post!

<3 Lindsay

dulwichmum said...

Oh Darren dear! Christmas means gifts, and a girl can never have too many of those! Pass a pen, I have the paper, lets make a list!

Obviously Darren said...

Dulwichmum.... of course gifts = good (especially when they are for me). Shopping = good too!

But having the time to even start contemplating Christmas in August = too much time on one's hands!

Although I suppose the same could be said about writing about it too.

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