Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Great Work Bill: Clinton to the rescue in North Korea

It was really heartening to hear that Bill Clinton had helped to secure the release of the two jailed American journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, from North Korea.

With North Korea being one of the most secretive places on earth, which has a notoriously difficult relationship with the west, I think it was a very bold decision for Clinton to go and try to negotiate with Kim Jong-il. And it worked. The families of the two women involved must be so pleased.

Can you imagine George Bush attempting it? Ha Ha - it would have been a total catastrophe! The two women would probably have been sentenced to life in prison.

This certainly won't do Bill's image any harm! It's kind of ironic though that it should be him that went to North Korea, after all isn't his wife Secretary of State?

What do you think?

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Obviously Darren said...

Hilary Clinton obviously didn't find it 'ironic' that her husband went and rescued the journalists, judging by her outburst where she snapped at the student. She must be fed up with him hogging all the limelight!

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