Thursday, 13 August 2009

A Puma in the Palace?

There has been talk over the last few days of a puma wandering around some woodland in Crystal Palace, South London, near to where I live. Posting on Virtual Norwood, Helen Barrett said she saw a "huge black cat, at least five foot long."

In 2005 in nearby Sydenham there were similar sightings of a big cat, which was nicknamed the Beast of Sydenham. It allegedly attacked a man in his garden and there was a huge police search, which was unsuccesful.

Apparently sightings of big cats in the UK occur frequently and there are even websites set up, which are dedicated to proving that big cats are roaming around the UK, such as big cat news.

So keep a watch out next time you are strolling through the woods...the Palace Puma could be out there....walking amongst the dinosaurs!
What do you think?

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