Friday, 21 January 2011

Five of the Best: Designer Man Bags

With little room in the average man's trouser pockets for all the requirements of a busy modern life, any last struggle against the man bag is slowly fading away and along with it the idea that real men don't carry bags.

There is now a wide range of men's bags on offer, from the rucksack through to the shopper, in a variety of styles, colours, materials and prices. And if it's okay for Hugh 'Wolverine' Jackman to carry a bag (pictured below), then it's okay for you too!

It might not be long before we see the rise of the male IT bag, the much coveted, usually sky-high priced bags, such as the Hermes Kelly, that have women breaking out in a sweat when they are unveiled and which usually have waiting lists running into months. Particularly as Burberry have recently announced that its sales of men's bags have leapt 27% in the last year. And in a recession!

So here are five of the best designer men's bags, in no particular order. Credit cards at the ready boys...

1. The Classic: If you want a stylish hard-wearing bag that will last you for years, and mine certainly has, then you should definitely opt for the Mulberry 'Barnaby' bag. It's been around for a while but will never date and looks as good fresh out of the dust-bag as it does once it's been bashed about a bit. It has simple details such as the push-lock disguised as a buckle and comes in a range of colours (shown here in chocolate), it's a bag for any occasion. Price £506.

2. The Budget Blower: If you've just got your banker's bonus, won the lottery or just want to treat your self to something unashamedly extravagant, this 'Bigger Cube Bag' from the mighty Fashion House Balenciaga will do the trick. With soft black leather and signature stud detailing this bag just screams indulgence and might just have your girlfriend/wife/sister attempting to steal it for themselves. Not that this bag is in any way feminine, it's just pure class. Price £1,025. Available from

3. The Monogrammed: If you are into monogrammed bags, and many people are (just not me personally) then keep it tasteful and simple with this Gucci messenger bag. Matches is obviously a good place to browse some quality bags as this one is available there too. This black leather GG embossed bag comes with a simple leather strap and lots of lovely details inside and out. Price £640.

4. The Overnight Bag: This Vivienne Westwood Man 'Resort' bag is not the largest overnight bag in the world, but it sure is aesthetically pleasing. It would be fine for a single night away, if you don't pack the kitchen sink. Alternatively it would make a very stylish gym bag. The bag is black canvas and features the famous orb detailing on the front, with contrasting grey 'Vivienne Westwood' printed handles. The really exciting thing about this bag though has got to be the price. £135, down from £270.

5. The One You'll Have to Wait For: Not yet in the shops, these bright and playful Burberry Prorsum totes are perfect if you want to make a statement. With detachable shoulder straps and leather bottoms, these bags are sure to fly out of the shops when they hit the stores later this year and will brighten up any outfit during those dull Autumn/Winter months. Get saving now because these babies won't come cheap. Price unknown.
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