Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mutya Buena Features on Two New songs in 2011

Apparently, it's a woman's perogative to change her mind, and boy does Mutya Buena do this often. The ex Sugababe certainly likes to keep us guessing.

One minute she is mounting a legal challenge to reclaim the 'Sugababes' name from the current line-up. Next she's telling anyone who will listen that she wants to reform the band with original members Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy. Then she announces that she is retiring from the music industry to become, of all things, a child psychologist!

Anyway that was so 2010 and true to form Mutya appears to have had yet another change of heart. Bless. Her fans will be pleased to hear that she is back in the limelight again, coming out of 'retirement' to feature on not one, but two new tracks, both of which are out now.

First up is a collaboration with DJ Paul Morrell, an infectious house track titled 'Give me Love', featuring some uplifting string sounds over the top of a great beat. Mutya does dance diva here to great effect, her vocals perfectly matched to the song.

Featuring the line 'why won't you love me...why won't you touch me?' (the words, soap and bath spring to mind) the chorus is catchy and will have people jumping up to dance. It certainly got me singing along.

Check it out below: 

As if that wasn't enough, Mutya finds herself switching genres and popping up on the new City Boy Soul Song 'Be Okay', which is out now. The song itself is quite pleasant, it doesn't exactly set the world alight but it is nice to hear a UK R&B group with a bit of soul. I think it will be a grower.

Mutya doesn't make it onto the video on this one, unfortunately, but her soulful vocals appear about a minute into the track and remind us how versatile she is and what a shame it would be if she really did quit music.

Hopefully this won't be the last we hear from Mutya, and with people seemingly lining up to work with her, I have a feeling it won't be.

See the video below:

What do you think?


William said...

like the soul one....

house one naff no?

Darren Ingram said...

Naff? I LOVE the house one! Each to their own...I think the other one will grow on me. Just glad she is back!

Anonymous said...

Give Me Love, wow i like it. Any one head the clip, of her new song? Sounds good

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