Thursday, 24 September 2009

Finally Menswear Get the Attention it Deserves at London Fashion Week

AW Anderson

I am so glad that menswear is now being given the time of day at London Fashion Week. Now with it's own dedicated day, us men finally get to see the wonderful creations of a whole host of leading menswear designers and find out what will be hot for next season.

Carolyn Massey

As can be expected in London, some of the designs were truly wacky; ranging from bondage gear to shiny gold trousers, but by the time the looks hit the shops they will be toned down slightly and made more 'wearable'. The thing I love about seeing these collections is it inspires me to consider items of clothing, styles and colours I may not have thought about.

James Long

The menswear day was opened by collections from James Long and Carolyn Massey both graduates of the Royal College of Art. There were 25 designers showing collections including AW Anderson, Topman Design, Katie Eary and a range of designers showcasing as part of Fashion East's MAN show.

Menswear gaining momentum and visibility can only be a good thing for those who love their fashion, with designers working harder to create innovative and fashion-forward collections to satify their potential customers needs and the availability of more choice in the shops. Not so good for the wallet though...

What do you think?
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