Friday, 27 May 2011

Sticking With Something For More Than 5 Minutes...

After an initial burst of enthusiasm and excitement about my new blog and regularly posting through January to March, you may have noticed that I haven't posted for nearly two months. I tend to do that a lot. The first time I set-up a blog I posted for about 6 months and then didn't post anything for two years. Those posts are now merged into this blog and so serve as a reminder that there was a big gap between 2009 and 2011 where I 'lost interest'. 

Anyway, this time I am determined that I won't be so flighty - I will persevere. I am determined that the two months won't turn into two years again. 

It's not that I've even got bored of posting I have just not made the time. I started a new job in April, which has been hectic to say the least and the thought of coming home after a long day at work to sit at my laptop just didn't fill me with joy in the way it did when I first started this blog. 

I think I am a bit of an all-or-nothing person - either I am blogging everyday or not blogging at all. It's the same with the gym and a whole host of other hobbies and endeavours. I think I am going to try and find a balance this time around and be more realisitic. I'll try and post once a week instead of having many posts 'on the go' and not finishing them. 

So anyway I am back (did anyone even notice I'd gone?).......and if I didn't have a splitting head-ache and feel quite so hung-over, today would be a perfect day to start writing again (it being my day off from work today). Maybe after some Neurofen!

What do you think?
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