Friday, 14 August 2009

Celebrating or Cashing in? Agyness Deyn in Harpers Bazaar Style Tribute to Michael Jackson

Now I am not saying that this kind of thing isn't happening all over the world, but the pictures of British model Agyness Deyn in a range of Michael Jackson style outfits, posing with a Bubbles lookalike, have been plastered all over the newspapers here in the UK; so I am using it as an example.

My question is, is Harper's Bazaar really celebtrating the style of Michael Jackson or is it just a plot to sell magazines? Maybe it's both and maybe I am just cynical, but I don't ever remmber them 'celebrating' his style when he was alive? I wasn't born yesterday, I know magazines will often put anything on the cover to generate sales - I saw the 'tornado girl' episode of Ugly Betty!

There is no denying the photos are great and Agyness wears the outfits well but I think this was about using a hot right now model in a shoot about a hot right now topic and less about the style influence of MJ, which is a shame.

Admittedly I haven't seen the edition yet, so maybe I am being presumptious, but I will be interested to see if there is much editorial content of note in the 6 page spread; which acutally celebtrates his style. Or whether it will just be a bunch of photographs? I may be proved wrong! In which case I will eat my Fedora.
What do you think?

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