Saturday, 13 August 2011

Arsenal: Fabregas and Nasri Saga Runs Into Opening Day of Season

So the new Barclays Premier League season 2011-12 kicks off in just a few hours and when most teams are making final preparations to get their season going (after having a pre-season to bed their new players in) Arsenal are still right in the middle of the Fabregas and Nasri saga. It is just unbelievable. 

How are the team supposed to focus on todays match against Newcastle when all of this hangs over them? It's become more than a farce now - season after season - when Wenger should be concentrating on strengthening the team and plugging the gaps that existed the season before, he spends most of the summer in a dispute with Barcelona. 

I think this is seriously going to harm our chances of doing well this season. We limped into fourth place last season, have still to qualify for the Champions League proper and now we will have to fight off a resurgent Liverpool as well as the likes of Man U, Man City, Chelsea and Spurs. We could be playing the the flipping Europa League next season! I really hope that's not the case.
What do you think?

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