Sunday, 6 February 2011

Amazing Artist Paolo Troilo: See Him In Action

A few years ago, I wrote on my old blog about an amazing artist I came across when holidaying in Positano, Italy. 

His name is Paolo Troilo, he's from Italy and his work still gives me a tingle down my spine whenever I see it. When i came across this video (below) showing him painting I just had to feature him on my blog again.

Paolo Troilo paints with his hands, creating for me the most powerful self portraits I have ever seen. 

His work is so physical and emotive and I could never tire of looking at his many paintings, each one telling me a story of anguish, struggle and frustration. 

It's interesting to see in the video how he goes about creating something so powerful and using his hands instead of a brush adds to the rawness of his work. 

I hope Paolo exhibits in London one day, so I can see more of his work up close. They may look amazing on the screen but look even more mesmerising in real life. 

It is still my ambition to own one of his pieces and two years after seeing that painting in Positano, he is still my favourite artist.

What do you think?


Healing Morning said...

A good 25 years ago, there was a guy here in the U.S. who did this type of painting. I daresay he's still around; forgive me for not knowing his name off the top of my head. He did gigantic canvasses and painted the whole thing w/in the length of a song. The subject was usually inspired by the artist of that song/album. He did a lot of canvasses for charity auctions. The first time I watched him in action, it was riveting. Very powerful artform!

It's interesting to see new, young artists doing this similar concept. Thank you for exposing us all to this young man; I'm sure we'll be hearing more about him in the years to come. His work is dynamic. :)

~ Dawn

Darren Ingram said...

Hi Healing Morning,

That's a shame you don't know his name, I would have loved to check him out - may have to do a search on Google. Thanks for stopping by!

boojai said...


nothingprofound said...

An explosive style-and it shows in his paintings.

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