Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Rihanna: Pop's Hardest Working Star?

Rihanna Fenty, the seriously sexy Barbadian superstar has released the video for her new single 'S&M' from her latest album 'Loud' and it's sure to join her growing list of hit songs.

Featuring pink latex, blow-up dolls, lace stockings, whips and Rihanna seductively eating a banana - the video might sound tacky but it's actually playful and fun and I love it, although it will probably split opinion (for those that care). Check it out below:

While most stars are content with releasing three or four tracks from their albums, Rihanna seems to be trying to break some kind of record for the number of singles she can release from any one album. And boy does she pump the albums out - five in five years, with a total of 40 tracks (and counting) released across them all. That doesn't mean that her albums are full of fillers either - the vast majority go on to become huge sellers. 

So is Rihanna at risk of over-exposure? Well no it seems. There is no shortage of stars wanting to collaborate with her, she has recently appeared on songs with Eminem, David Guetta and Kanye West as well as working with the likes of Drake and Nicki Minaj. Phew.


Rihanna is never out of the charts in the UK, nor in the US, and not content with just one top ten single, she often occupies multiple positions at the same time. If she is over exposed then the public doesn't seem to notice, or mind. 
Her video shoots, single promotions, endorsments, round the world headlining tours and her charity work must mean that Rihanna is surely the hardest working girl in pop?

What do you think?


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