Sunday, 27 February 2011

DIY, Sneaky Blogging and Fabulous Accessories

I am supposed to be helping to install my new Ikea kitchen this weekend (the picture above is not my kitchen, unfortunately). The other half is busy screwing, nailing and drilling away like a trooper. Being DIY challenged, I am reduced to holding things in place, fetching and carrying. "Bring me the flat-head screwdriver", he says. Boring.

I am much more of a details person anyway. I like to add the finishing touches, so will happily shop for the new glassware, crockery and cultlery which will fill the new drawers and cupboards once it is built and installed.

I have been told that this weekend is not the time for blogging and I must wait to post my restaurant review because I need to be on hand to help. I have been sneakily doing it anyway, snatching moments between being called to clear the cardboard boxes away, but it's still a way off yet.

So I decided to post up a quick little snippet about a lovely gift I was given the other day from the other half, a fantastic Paul Smith iPhone 4 case, made from soft leather and with a retro cassette design on it.

I love all things Apple and had been looking for a suitable sheath for my little phone, so was very pleased to get this beauty.

Anyway, I am now off to Homebase to buy a jigsaw. Not really my idea of shopping but the new glassware will have to wait.

What do you think?


dirtycowgirl said...

Haha...And here's a tip, being as your 'DIY' challenged, it's not the kind of jigsaw that involves putting little cardboard shapes together to make a picture.

Shame you dont live closer Darren, I'm a DIY freak, I have a cupboard full of power tools.

Jana said...

Love that kitchen! And Love your blog too. I am following from the Blog Entourage Hop. I love meeting new bloggy friends! Jana

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