Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Finally Some Menswear for Brixton?

Brixton station
Flickr Creative Commons by markhilary
Great news for fans of men's fashion in South London. If rumours are true then the people behind Saloon 97, the brilliant women's boutique I wrote about in my article for Living South magazine, are to open up a men's store in Brixton Village.

Menswear is probably one of the few things now lacking at Brixton Village and in Brixton in general (unless you count H&M) so it will be great to have somewhere local to pick up something interesting and unique and if the store is anything as good as Saloon 97 then it will be a real treasure trove for us gents.

I look forward to checking it out once it opens and will post a review and some photo's.

Update: Just heard from one of the owners of Saloon 97 and it is going to open on the 1st or 2nd week in July.
What do you think?

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