Saturday, 18 June 2011

Burberry Menswear Spring Summer 2012

I do love a bit of Burberry, the iconic British luxury fashion brand, which held its Spring Summer 2012 menswear show earlier today in Milan. It's going from strength to strength at the moment under the control of the brilliant creative director Christopher Bailley and has come a long way since Daniella Westbrook nearly single-handedly brought the brand to its knees when she and her daughter donned top-to-toe Burberry check.

Anyway moving swiftly on. Burberry has for the last few seasons taken to streaming its fashion shows live (which you can watch below) for those not lucky enough to bag a front row seat, which means we can now get a glimpse of the show as it happens.

So what's going to be hot next spring/summer?

Well cropped parka jackets teamed with cowl nek patterned jumpers in colours such as mustard, worn with short shorts and topped off with orange knitted/crocheted hats with bobbles (which I loved by the way). Okay so I am kidding, kind of, they did all exist but not necessarily all together. And they all looked fabulous. 

Bailley said of the collection, "this collection started with our iconic heritage as the foundation, we really wanted to emphasise this feeling of artisanal and decorative pieces that had been touched by hand, celebrating craftmanship but always with this playful element. We had taken our icons and played with texture to personalise and give them a real character and charm using colour to highlight the intricate detail that goes in to crafting them."

The models looked impossibly beautiful of course, as all Burberry models do, although in need of a bit of sunlight and a good meal.

I would happily take most of the pieces in the collection, particularly the macs. Oh how I dream of owning a Burberry Prorsum mac. I do also dream about eradicating poverty and world peace - honest!

What do you think?

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