Sunday, 2 October 2011

Cher Lloyd Second Single: 'With Ur Love' (Watch)

I loved Cher Lloyds first X Factor audition so much I played it over and over during the audition stages but by the time it got to the live shows I had started to go off her. I didn't dislike her, as I did Katie Weasel, but she had started to act way too diva-like for me.

I had mixed views during the live shows. Some weeks she nailed it and others left me cold. By the final I had warmed to her again but at this point wanted Rebecca Ferguson to win. 

Then she released the absolutely awful 'Swagger Jagger' which somehow got to number 1 in the UK. I really hoped this wouldn't set the tone for the type of music she was going to release and so was pleased to hear her new single 'With Ur Love', which is a massive improvement. 

To me 'With Ur Love' has got a very M.I.A kind of sound to it. She's still using the word 'swag' (get over it now please Cher) but none of the annoying 'rapping' - it's much more melodic this time round and you can hear her voice more. 

The video is uplifting, featuring heart shaped balloons floating around the city and sees Cher with an Amelle (from the Sugababes) undercut, which suits her. 

The video also features Mike Posner who sings the line ' I don't even care if you sing my songs wrong' a reference to her  performance at Judges Houses on the X Factor where she couldn't finish the song due to losing her voice and messed up some of the words.

What do you think of the song and video?

What do you think?

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