Monday, 25 July 2011

Nicola Roberts: Lucky Day Teaser (Listen)

Update: Full Video now out!

I just can't get enough of Nicola Roberts at the moment. Today she released another Through Nicola's Eyes  feature, which has a teaser of her second single 'Lucky Day'. 

I think this one is going to be HUGE! It's a brilliantly catchy pop song that has a real summery fun feel to it. I hope that her record label gives up on On Air On Sale to give this a chance of doing well in the charts.

Check it out below!

Update: Nicola's record label have taken the Through Nicola's Eyes feature down as apparently it was released too early. Damn them!... Oh well you'll just have to make do with an unedited version of her video instead....massive thanks to the original uploader.

What do you think?


Lisa3000 said...

This is much better than BOMD, her voice can be heard more. It's quite a Girls Aloud sounding song. Loving your blog! Lx

neon said...

i love the video!it's lovely,and this song is better tha bomd

neon said...

you can see video in my blog

neon said...


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